Semeraro Family News is Here! Is the World Ready?

This is the first official news Article for the site! The purpose of this article is to, well, let everyone know that more news is on the way.

So .. what has been going on? This site is being upgraded in sections – with news being first, then the photo gallery. After that, more and more fun content will be added – like Family name history and other fun facts.

The Semeraro website actually is composed of two parts – the “public” site (which you are viewing now), and the “private” site (where family members can log in and share content).

In time, the “private” site will be granting accounts to family members – so they can share family information, fun facts, AND articles.

Much of the time spent over the last few months has been with the private site – setting up security and basic member account functions. Now that those features are on line, it is time to start adding real content to this website.

One of the favorite photos from the original website is included here – it is of the first Semeraro family to live in Niles, Ohio. Unfortunately, we do not have an exact date, but the picture was taken somewhere between 1926 and 1928.

This photo, and many more like it, will be uploaded to the new site and shared in the Photo Gallery.

Very soon, more articles will appear here in the News Section. Please visit the site again soon!!!

Take Care,